K  E  E  N  A  N 

   R  A  S  H  A D

"You never know what will happen once you step up. What's great about that is that once you step up there's no stepping down. Your life changes the minute that you leave that comfort zone. The way you experience life is different. It's like that middle school talent show that you were sweating bullets about. You were antsy and nervous because you didn't want to be the target of your peers' petty. Regardless of the outcome, it took guts to get out there and show yourself. Keep doing that! Step up and show out!"

…feel me

H e a r

 S E E 


I commit myself to enhancing experiences! We live in a world that offers a huge amount of diversity. With that, it also offers many avenues of success. The advantage of this is that every avenue is an opportunity to serve! At the core of every interaction is the effect that it has on another. It’s vital that we utilize the intangible tools that we possess to set the tone of the relationship.

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Settle, Not

     There comes a time for everyone where we realize where we are in life. Sometimes we're satisfied, and other times we're miserable. Then there are those gray areas where we are simply just settling. We conform to what we've been told that we can have.

There's no reason for any of us to settle for anything that we don't want, but often times we do. Why, because we become extremely systematized by standards society telling us that we have to follow the mold. Well, not in the world of flow!

Generations before us laid the laws of the land based off of the needs then. The only way to make it for them was to settle for what they could get. However because of their contributions we live in a generation where we don't have to take those same routes to achieve comfort. We can take routes that we choose! Flow embeds itself into the internal heart, soul, and mind of whom we work with to pull out their most precious gift. 


Once in flow, options are limitless. Because we take individuals and catapult them into THEIR greatness.


     Moving forward is what you must do to succeed. No one becomes successful by staying complacent. You can be successful! Understand that. You will have to know what success means for you, however. Does it mean having a steady income? Does it mean having a healthy life? 

What you choose is what you will have. If you choose to not determine your success then your life will be one big tizzy. If you decide that you're going to own an airline one day, things will start to align themselves to guide you to that destination. 

So what's it going to be? You can't just come up with a million ideas in your head. That's just going to become deadweight. You have to proclaim it to make it a reality! You'll feel much lighter once you do.

 One of the greatest gifts that we've been given as humans is the power to choose. We choose our destiny! Once you make the choice is when the real journey begins. I'm more than eager to help revitalize your life.

Sincerely, I am.

Listen to the world and see how it furls.

Never forget your passion, stay swell, and reach out for action.

This is the time that I will reveal myself. I won't hold back time will tell. Trust, believe and seek. Don't run from me for you know I am near.

I am that I am you are who you are.

I made you, be a shining star, spread my light, reveal my plight.

Manifest my destiny to come live for eternity. Reach out to those you love.

Listen to the skies above. They have meaning, they are leading.

My mother is your mother her mother is for loving each other.

Talk to your brother, embrace one another. Guide him, love him, teach him, and beat him.

I give you these words not to confuse you but to enlighten you.

I love you, don't you see you mean the world to me.

So take me, teach me, never let go of me, because you're half of me my heart still beats.